Thanks for the bullet Oliver K! Sophie is playing with it now and she sounds like shes having fun. 

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✎ Anonymous: have you ever had a threesome with wasted kitten?

I fucking wish

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To those of you who think I’m ‘perfect’. Oh noo. I haven’t washed my hair in 3 days and I look horrific with no makeup on hahaha.

And I’d still happily wake up next to her, go downstairs while she was still sleeping and come upstairs with breakfast in bed and a joint to smoke after

Marry me

I have fallen out of love with life.

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If you lurking, you care





✎ Anonymous: how did you and Lewis first ended up having sex? as in who initiated it/in what circumstances? <3

Sophie said it was time to go upstairs so we did and made the sex yes -Lewis

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troublemaker601: Indica or sativa?


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I just took my first self is in my entire life… consider yourself lucky you’re seeing this

Fucking hell Nathan you look gorgeous as fuck. The handsomest boy in all the land ❤️😍😘

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Me and Lewis watching porn together in the morning and making ourselves cum with a little bit of sex to keep us going haah we are quite cool

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Lay on your stomach and clasp your hands behind your back. Now imagine you have been lying that way for hours, wearing handcuffs. Your hips have been propped up with a pillow to push your ass up. You can’t see behind you, but you have been told there is a cam pointed between your legs so he can see how wet you are whenever he wants to check. You lay there for a while thinking about him. Just the thought of him seeing your pussy exposed like that, knowing he is watching you makes your pussy wet. You think about how you been told to be a good dead girl, and not respond. You are to keep your eyes closed and try to blank out your mind. You’ve been told how when you feel cock inside you, you should just lay there and take it silently because that is what he wants from you. You think about how he shaved you this morning before he left for work, and how you were not allowed to move or say anything, and how he arranged you like this, so meticulously. You think about how he only cums inside you when you play dead. You think about how messed up he must be, but that just makes you want to be a part of his sick fucked up world even more.

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