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solidstoner has asked: hey you.

Hey you .

iamsdc has asked: I've never paid for a video, photo or anything before but I could not resist your blowjob one. I am so glad i couldn't. Xx

Yay thankyou so much thankyouuuu!xxx

Anonymous has asked: Do you like acid?

I want to try so bad

Anonymous has asked: You're the first girl to ever get me off multiple times in one go. And you were halfway across the world. Oh the things I'd give for one full day with you...


Anonymous has asked: oh my sophie, i just watched your dildo video and seeing your cum drip from your pink cunt and hearing that sweet as voice, let's just say daddy came too ;)


fuck-off-lol has asked: are you going to put more videos on ciplvia because i want to buy them all

I am! Trying to upload one every day! Currently working through old footage but soon I’ll be making new ones!

strephan has asked: So, I don't usually talk to people I don't know, but I just bought your 'Double Orgasm' clip and I have to say thank you. I normally don't even like masturbation vids, but I'll be damned if that wasn't the hottest thing I've seen in weeks. You are excellent at your work, and I will happily give you all my monies for it. Thanks again, and I hope you have a lovely day.

Oh my god this is the best message I’ve gotten in ages. Thank-you so so much. I’m so glad you enjoyed ;) 💗 peace and love stranger 💞

Anonymous has asked: what bout asians then?

Idc what you are don’t start this

Anonymous has asked: for some reason your opinion to me matters, probs because you are just gorgeous and a complete minx but, your opinion on guys with body hair, like chest/stomach/legs etc...

I’m not really into lots of body hair soz x

Anonymous has asked: I mean like what does it say as the payment on the credit card & also what do you think about gingers?;3

I have no idea and I like gingers

Anonymous has asked: too late. it's fine, it'll all be worth it x think of me the next time you masturbate

Erm you’re grey so I can’t but thankyou!xxx

Anonymous has asked: fuck it i'm broke but horny for you so i'm gonna buy it. you better thank me for not eating for the next few just to have the best wanks

Ilyilyily but don’t be silly with money sweet anon u must eat xxx

Anonymous has asked: Does the payment show up or is it private?

I get to see like ‘bought by James S’ and that’s it

wasp-b has asked: Do you ever go out in town?

Yaah occasionally


Tumblr famous girls, contrary to popular opinion, actually have unpopular opinions, prejudice views and stupid mindsets because, oddly enough, we are human and we have been shaped by society to be pretty fucked up, just like you lot. We aren’t any different to you. And sometimes we post something you might all disagree with and that’s okay, because it’s our fucking blog and you all rant and rave on your blog about whatever you want and nobody cares because nobody sees. Yeah we have a bigger audience than you but fuck it we’ll post what we want.

Try not to get offended too much is all. By all means voice your option I mean that’s what the internet is for. But don’t hate, people say stupid shit and people say shit you don’t understand and you need to deal with it.

This is something I think about a lot but figure I’d post now.