✎ Anonymous: You should pursue a more ethical career rather than getting naked on cam for money then. The fact you're even more talented than you let on is endearing and I'd much rather you post more about that sort of thing, you should be proud of those achievements. Idk, being honest it saddens me slightly seeing aspirational young adults give up on everything and start selling nudes for money, but hey if this is what you really want and you're happy. I just think/thought you were better than that.


I would rather sell nudes now, (not that I personally see a problem with it), and be happy than be struggling to get through university with very very little money and no support whatsoever from my family. My family could afford to help me through university but they won’t. There’s no shame in being naked or masturbating, people do it regardless, it’s not dirty nor is it unethical.

I’m proud of every achievement I make, I’m proud of the cam girls that keep going with people calling their careers “unethical”. It’s still work, some girls do long exercise/beauty regimes and spend plenty of time, effort and commitment for it to become a career. Today I achieved enough money from camming to sort my cleaning products. Hopefully I’ll make enough soon to stock our cupboards for the first time. My best friend i-hate-the-beach achieves enough money to live the lifestyle she wants without the time consuming restrictions of a job-she is one of the most clever and well achieved people I know. My very intelligent (just quiz him on A Level maths) boyfriend pandasandpokemon cams which allows him extra money to put towards rent and deposits and he also has a demanding and fast paced job.

I hope I’ve swayed your negative opinion of everything a little or at least given you a nice read. :)

I never saw this and thankyou baby and amazing little speech xxxx


Anonymous Submission.

Truthfully fucking perfect, holy fuckkkkk.

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My hair’s too long \m/

Neglect of a Little
It doesn’t take much to make a girl feel invisible, especially one so delicate as a baby girl. Little space can be an overwhelmingly powerful state of mind for some littles. And not being able to comfortably express an inner child is often all it takes to cause great frustration and even depression in a little’s life. It takes a Daddy Dom’s constant attention and praise to keep a little feeling both wanted and appreciated. Just like an actual child a little’s heart is very sensitive to her Dominant’s reactions. For some baby girls all it takes is a stern look from Daddy to bring her to tears and make her feel incredibly guilty even if she did nothing wrong.
Proper attention is absolutely necessary to keep a baby girl happy and healthy.Without it she dwindles. Her playful attitude vanishes and her little side fades away. When completely ignored a baby girl commits to all manners of behaviour, both good and bad, in a desperate attempt to get the attention she so badly needs. This often leads to unnecessary discipline and punishment from her Dominant that further compounds the issue. Littles are often viewed as “needy” but this is not the case at all. A little is merely craving the love and affection her heart desires. The purpose for having a D/s relationship is to form a bond with your lover that can’t be achieved through having a vanilla relationship. Making a baby girl feel guilty for wanting this attention is one of the most redundant and destructive things a Dominant can do. But even worse than that is when a Dominant actually shuns and abandons a little for wanting closeness. This can devastate a baby girl. It often leads to depression and self-harm for many littles. No one deserves to be treated like a burden. Pain and suffering can often cause a baby girl to enter into regression. And feeling alone, unloved, and unwanted is an utterly awful thing to have to go through while in little space. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.
So please be good to your baby girl. They’re the most precious and wonderful creation you’ll ever know. Each and every little is absolutely worthy of the all the love and affection a man can give. It makes them shine brightly, beautiful, and strong. Give them the tenderest of care.
A baby girl deserves nothing less.
✎ Anonymous: Are you really from England? Your accent sounds a little fake lol don't mean to offend you or anything

Yes I’m really from fucking England

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Liked my outfit today 💞


This is from a video I might sell soon :3


My shorts tanlines are so bad hahahaha


Boob squeezes are always fun 😍